Tokyo Hot n0144 (Naomi Akita) A Cute Idol Face

Tokyo Hot n0144 (Naomi Akita) A Cute Idol Face | 792 Mb

Summer is coming !! But isn’t it cheesed with this heat? Such a hot day wants to cheat and confine a lovely girl to blow off the heat. Only the woman who says as wanting become famous seems to be caught to sweet words easily. By this reason, we get NAOMI AKITA who wish to become model. She is a cute idol face and a girl of feeling that seems to be pure heart. However, atmosphere that seems to be forgiven anything can be felt. It is said it will be taking a picture of the swimming ware model and confines NAOMI to studio of TOKYO HOT. NAOMI visited some studio to taking picture of swimming ware. However, it is TOKYO HOT to wait there. There is no will to take the model picture at all from the beginning, and of course fucking party will be waited NAOMI after suitably take a picture of swimming ware…

a cute idol face
–Naomi Akita–
Updated / 07-30-2006